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Energy Healing
Distance Healing
Healing for Pets
Intuitive Counseling


Martha Ferrante

Martha is an Energy Intuitive, Healer, and Spiritual Coach with over 25 years of experience. She is a fully qualified Reiki Master/Teacher, with additional certifications in Art of Healing and Seichem-Seichem Reiki Master. Martha has studied and experienced various healing modalities with over 20 renowned teachers to enhance her skills for personal healing, healing for others, and personal growth.


Martha’s vision is to assist others in awakening to their highest potential. She teaches techniques to quiet thought systems, take control of the negative spiral thinking, and connect to a heart-based intuitive thought system. She helps bring more light into your awareness, while the energies that do not serve you release and transform. She is passionate about helping others discover and move through their barriers and blockages. Martha empowers you to connect with your strengths, personal power, and wisdom so that you can transform your life while learning to love yourself through any circumstance.


You can expect this work to change your vibration, attract loving relationships, connect to your Divine self, release outdated belief systems, and create your new world.



"When diagnosed with cancer, your spiritual and emotional focus must be strong, no easy task! Martha taught me how to stay centered and trust in my most sacred connection. Her energy is powerful yet loving and peace-yielding. Martha's role in my healing is invaluable".

- Terry Hudephohl, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky


"I want to thank Martha for taking such good care of Bella. We had brought Bella to the Veterinarian, and they could not help her with the pain in her hind leg and hip. Martha took such loving care with Bella and has treated her several times with her healing hands, and now she is pain-free".


- Bella and Fran Carlisle, Covington, Kentucky

"Martha is quite possibly the most gifted healer, intuitive, and psychic I have ever met and being a person from the same "family," I've learned so much from her from one session than I could learn on my own. Her style is unique and effective, and it reflects her spirit in ways that you can't imagine. I can't wait for my next session”.


- Larry Lee, Colorado

"I have known Martha for many years, and she has always spoken passionately about energy work. One day she was in my office for her treatment, and I was having significant pain in my right wrist. Martha asked me if she could work on my wrist using an energy technique, and after our session, she resolved the problem. I now work with Martha regularly, she is a gifted healer, and I have recommended her to many of my patients experiencing physical or mental distress".


- Dr. Todd Melson

Melson Chiropractic, Cincinnati Ohio 

"I have had the privilege of knowing Martha for the last ten years. Her insights into my life have been invaluable as she has helped me deal with the grief of a lost loved one by providing powerful insights based on the energies that she could read. I am guilty of not letting things go quickly and carry all of that around. Martha has helped me redirect that negative energy and eliminate energy blockages, which has helped improve my relationships and overall stress levels. Spending time with Martha is one of the most therapeutic things I can do for myself, and I would highly recommend her services". 


-Andrea Reitano, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

It's been two weeks since you gave me an Energy Session. I will confess when you started I didn't expect anything other than some nice relaxation. WOW was I wrong. The hour session felt like 20 minutes but the amazing part of the experience was releasing my body from all the negative thoughts that have built up from being in a boot & seeing doctors who don't even touch you.

After the session, I was energized and got my positive attitude back. I expected those feelings to leave quickly but two weeks later I still continue to use the breathing techniques you taught me & the focus now is healing, not blaming. I'm in such a better place and I hold you responsible for my progress. 


Thank you and may you continue your healing work around the world.


- Connie Kiernan, Cincinnati, Ohio



Did you know that energy healing is an imperative aspect of physical, emotional, and mental healing? Many of us are unaware that energy healings exist. Once I started my healing journey, studied various modalities, and witnessed the transformations, my entire thought system, relationships, and reality changed. I found that all the answers I have been searching for were inside of me, and you will find them inside of you.
If you are reading this right now, you are one step away from learning how to connect within, and I genuinely want to assist you with the process. It is YOUR JOURNEY.


Energy Sessions

Martha gives you the option of hands-on healing or running the healing energy into your body without physical contact. She channels light energies into your energy system to bring your mental, emotional, and physical body healing and relief. She will work with you to determine the best energy techniques that will empower you, and if you choose, she will provide guidance on how to sense and heal energy blocks within yourself. This work can be powerful in shifting your energy frequency and vibration, creating outer changes that reflect your inner work.


Distance Healing

Distance healing sessions are just as powerful and empowering as in-person sessions, allowing patients to receive healing from wherever they are.


Intuitive Counseling

Martha offers you a neutral perspective while using her intuition. The focus can be on releasing repressed pain, self-limiting beliefs, challenging experiences, or new possibilities. These sessions offer you the personal empowerment to develop your own intuitive abilities while empowering you to find your own truth and answers. Purpose, passion, and a new meaning for your life will ignite your inner self as you trust in the process and believe in yourself.


Healing for Pets

Martha believes that they have placed these precious beings on earth as our greatest teachers of unconditional love. When our furry children become ill, it can be almost impossible to bear since they do not have the voice to let us know what is wrong. She lovingly communicates and tunes into their energetic fields, while being guided by Divine energies to promote healing, well-being, and relief to them. Martha can do these sessions in person or with distance healing techniques.

The Benefits

 . Empowering techniques

.  Relieves anxiety, stress, worry, doubt, and fear

.  Increased energy and rejuvenation

.  Connection to the light within

.  A deeper understanding of challenging relationships 

.  Clear and balance your energy field

.  Restores well-being

.  Expands consciousness

.  Alleviates physical pain

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Frequencies of Sessions

The number and frequency of sessions will vary depending on your needs and your goals for our
work together. Sometimes only one or a few sessions are all that is needed. If you wish to do some concentrated healing work or are in the middle of a crisis period in your life, more frequent sessions spaced one week apart may be of benefit. In other circumstances, the time between sessions may be two to three weeks or even a month. You know yourself and your needs better than anyone else. I will also periodically make recommendations to you about this based on the progress of our work together.

Other Services

Other Services

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